about "ME"

hello ! i go by ross or roswell. i am genderfluid, i use THEY/THEM or IT/ITS pronouns, and i am 21 years old! i'm studying visual arts in university, but i consider myself a creature of many skills.

i hoard interests and hobbies like gold coins. and every night i sleep on a pile of interests and hobbies and eat knights who come to steal them from me.
i enjoy collecting, categorizing, listing, and archiving things! thus i have made a website where i can collect, categorize, list, and archive things to my heart's content, and show them off to anyone who may be interested! think of me as an obsessive, somewhat-neurotic dragon with a penchant for textile arts and crunchy music gear.

i started making music in 2015. i remember listening to a lot of chiptunes, not knowing how they were made until i saw this video when searching for chiptunes on youtube. i started making chiptunes in famitracker, but soon moved to LMMS because i wanted more instruments.
in 2016-2017, i made a lot of music in LMMS based off of the dungeons & dragons campaign i was playing at the time, and i still look back on that music fondly!
in late 2017 i downloaded FL Studio 12 and started making some truly awful breakcore. that's when i created Ori and her friends and started posting music on Bandcamp as "Ravedragon Records". i was very inspired by a few furry musicians who were big at that time. if you know anything about that scene you can probably guess who i'm talking about. i basically wholesale copied their gimmick, and while i've been working on distinguishing myself from them, "furry artist with different fursonas making different genres of music" is a pretty useful way to organize stuff, so i've stuck with it.
ever since then i've slowly been getting better at making music. i've also recently gotten back into using trackers & have gotten some hardware synthesizers to integrate into my music! i'm very excited to keep making more music and sharing it with the world!



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