"RDRCHIVES" is short for "RaveDragon Records Archives", a collection of really old music that I've removed from my public accounts for various reasons, but want to remain downloadable for posterity. most of my early music heavily sampled copyrighted material (honestly, "sampled" is generous-- I really just sped up a song, slapped amen breaks over it, and called it a day), plus I was noticing that people would come to my page, listen to one of my early songs, and then leave... and that's just kind of embarrassing-- I swear my music is better these days!

i haven't deleted anything, for the same reason i never throw out sketchbooks. if you want a peek into my 16 year old brain, or are just nostalgic for a simpler time when all up-and-coming furry musicians were trying to be Renard clones, feel free to take a listen!


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